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Printies Requirements

There is no size requirement for the prinites sent in. If it is the wrong size, one of our members will be happy to change it for you either larger or smaller.

Finished printies can be in gif or jpg format. New templates should be in gif or bmp format. This eliminates the need for a lot of clean up for someone using your template.

All printies are made for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
They ARE NOT TO BE SOLD to others.
Everything posted is for sharing between members. Do not post to other groups or lists without permission of the owner.
Do not include another members printie in any photo album. We have our own album which is updated regularly.

Group Requirements

Any and ALL information about members is not to be shared with anyone outside of the group.
Members URLs may not be linked from your webpages without prior permission from the owners.
No web page included in this site is to be sent to non-members.

Members are Not Permitted to FLAME other Members If you have a problem your Unable to reslove Then contact Me personaly ....... I DO NOT TAKE SIDES and isusses will be queried and Looked at in persective ...... Any one found to be dishonourable will be removed and banned permantley,.

list Mum ,