Welcome to EasyPrinties home for the PrintieSisters

EasyPrinties is a group of very talented gals and guys that make printable accessories for Doll Houses and Room Boxes.
Don't know how to make Printies?
That's OK...we have lessons on the net and our members are a very helpful group.

Here are a few examples of the great printies you can expect from our members.
Click on the picture to see it full sized.

Janet's Teddy Bear Drum

Aunt B's Pie Safe

Carol's Hand Painted Wooden Cabinet

Imelda's Wooden Tub

As a member you will be able to Learn to make your own, access the printies archives,and view members home pages,and make lots of new and very talented friends.

UPDATE 2009 :---

.Sorry but due to High Demand Our Membership is very Limited now ....

This is a private group, and is not an open House to new members, except under one circumstance. The only way a new person will be considered, is if an ACTIVE sister sponsors them. By active we mean a current member who posts now and then, and mostly keeps in stride with what's going on in the group....The sponsor must feel 100% sure that their nominee for membership will never store our work online for public use, or use our printies for commercial projects, and that the new person will take an active part in the group, and not become just another lurker that's never heard from again, but takes advantage of our talented ladies creations.

I MUST POINT OUT ....... This group is not only for printies, but it's also a haven for those who need a little help, and support with what life is handing them, or those who want to share their good news with friends.We try to provide interesting, or funny things, we find to brighten each others days. I am sorry for those who only look for the paperclips,or, as one lady said (just before she was removed from the group) "Could you just send me the printies?I don't want all those "Thank you's and birthday junk" .Those people miss the whole point. If you still think you'd Like to join us and be Added to The waiting List then Please Contact Me, putting EASYPRINTIES in the Subject line ....Thank you. From the Moderators and List Mom, Imelda.

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